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"First World Problems" is a game based on the superficial problems Americans face everyday. It is targeted toward 16 - 35 year old, middle to upper class Americans who are engaged in today's media, trends, and culture. These people are consistently unhappy with their lives because of issues that really do not affect their needs, but rather, their wants.

The concept of this game is to poke fun at the unnecessary needs of our first world society in order to make people aware of how privileged Americans are. Every 'problem' card is based off of a particular first world problem. Each player must lay down a 'problem' card they think best fits the 'category' card for why that problem occurred. The player with the best card wins the round.

The design of the game plays off of the current trends that are popular in our society. It is used to draw the viewers' attention, encourage them to want to play the game, and hopefully allow them to realize the underlying message.